Evaluation & Preparation

Standards Definition

Project development and alignment to the required standards and regulatory requirements.

Assess and Select Studies

Studies conducted to allow you to fully understand product availability, support and any development requirements.

Requirements Definition and Management

Requirements management is the process of documenting, analysing, tracing, prioritising and agreeing on requirements and then controlling change and communicating to relevant stakeholders. It is a continuous process throughout a project. We can offer a service that allows correct definition and clear management over time. By definition this isn’t a once off event and does not limit positive changes to be made but exists to ensure your project stays focused and within the original cost and time limits or to better understand and manage the effects of positive change.

Request for Tender or Quote (RFT / RFQ) Preparation and Assessment

If you use the competitive tendering process a clear scope will written and without ambiguity will derive the best vendor responses. Years of experiencing writing these document and assessing the responses followed by making recommendations leads us to implore you to consider this essential stage and take us up on our offer to assist.

Evaluation and Recommendation

You know broadly what you need or you have an issue that no-one is defining clearly. Whether a new project start or resolving issues on existing ventures, let us advise you. We’ll meet all stakeholders, drill down to the issues and write a clear evaluation report and make recommendations that you can proceed with.


Conceptual Engineering

Once you have identified your project our ability to think outside of the box and a lifetime of applying strategic thinking and the analysis and application of detailed requirements will draw out your concept from idea to reality. We’ll help you transform something strong into something superb.

Front-End Engineering (FEED) Design

Whether initiating a brownfield or greenfield project, success is dependent on proper planning. Whether it is a large or small project, poor planning estimates and missed deadlines are among the largest contributors to project failure. Correctly defining the required deliverable content will cost less in the longer term. Let us help you with your basis of design, preparing and maintaining requirements and package specifications,  determining equipment general arrangements and typical wiring details, developing control narratives, cause and effect matrices, graphical user interface purpose, writing or reviewing control, safety and operational procedures, preparing network architectures and developing the validation strategy.

Design Specification Preparation

Without a clear design specification on paper design creep and cost blow outs can be all too easy a trap to fall into. We can write this for you, clarifying to all stakeholders to your project the exact components of the system and the agreed performance criteria the design can cater for. This is where alignment to regulatory and standard requirements are considered and stated, avoiding non-compliance later on. With decades of experience and powerful writing and presentation skills, we can guide you through this invaluable and essential step towards success.

Detailed Design

This follows of from the Design Specification Preparation stage. We can produce system block diagrams, general arrangements, wiring & termination diagrams, equipment rack elevations, system reliability and availability calculations, heat dissipation and electrical load calculations, produce CCTV field of view studies, write your system testing procedures and when it’s all done produce meaningful and comprehensive Installation, Operation and Maintenance (IOM) manuals and training material.

Implementation, Testing & Review

Factory and Site Acceptance Testing Witnessing and Reporting

A FAT or Factory Acceptance Test is usually preformed at the vendor prior to shipping to a client. The vendor tests the system in accordance with the clients approved test plans and specifications to show that system is at a point to be installed and tested on site.

It’s an essential aspect of the whole system life cycle and should be performed by experienced personnel. Time spent doing a proper FAT will lead to fewer problems when the equipment is installed on your site.

A SAT is a Site Acceptance Test where the system is tested in accordance to client approved test plans and specifications to show the system is installed properly and interfaces with other systems and peripherals in its working environment.

Whether it is the writing of those test plans, verification against the specifications or being the client witness representative, decades of experience allow us to offer our services at each or all levels of this important stage of your project.

Site Surveys

The ultimate goal of an RF (Radio Frequency) site survey is to determine the number and placement of remote nodes that provides adequate signal coverage throughout a facility or project area. With most implementations, “adequate coverage” means support of a minimum data rate or throughput. In order to perform a successful survey, you’ll need to relate the required performance to a value that survey tools measure. An RF site survey also detects the presence of interference coming from other sources that could degrade the performance of the radio system.

Without a survey, users will probably end up with inadequate coverage and suffer from low performance in some areas. We can offer services that include the determination of the correct measurement tools, the physical survey and analysis of the results and their clear presentation.

Technical Report Writing

Do you need a technical writer on your team? We can offer technical writers with separate third party proof reader support who will:

  • research and write user and reference documentation for your systems
  • write hardware manuals and technical descriptions
  • write policy and procedure documents
  • edit and format documents
  • write technical and functional specification documents

System Audits and Optimisation Studies

Review your system and make it better by involving our independent audit or optimisation optimise services on your system.