SCADA & Telemetry

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  • Telemetry System for Water Forecast and Flood Warning in the Lam Pao River Basin, Thailand.
  • Cloudbreak iron ore project, Western Australia.
  • Borefield water pumping systems at Murrin Murrin, Valais, Roywell, Charlie and Grey Mare, Western Australia.
  • Mine water supply pumping system, Olympic Dam, Lake Eyre, South Australia.
  • Mine water supply pumping systems, Mt Keith Nickel, Western Australia.
  • Port stacker re-claimer remote control system, Fimiston Island, Western Australia.
  • Salt pan monitoring and stacker re-claimer remote control system, Dampier, Western Australia.
  • Grain storage radio based tripper system, Perth, Western Australia .
  • UHF radio based pole mounted 33kV power distribution circuit breaker monitoring system, Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan states, India.

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